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Helping designers do what they love since 2012

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Flywheel started in 2012 with a simple mission: to improve the lives of the millions of web designers and developers worldwide that build sites on WordPress. We’re proud of what we have built so far – and that’s just the start!

Meet the cofounders!

Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker, and Rick Knudtson

Dusty, Rick, and Tony all came from web development backgrounds and are well-versed in the world of client work. But when it came to hosting, they had always considered it a total headache. Having to deal with the details of setting up or managing a hosting account, debugging environments, and working with non-technical support teams just wasn’t what they wanted to do when they were trying to build beautiful sites for their clients. Rick says it best: “Flywheel is the company we wish existed when we were in your shoes.”

Flywheel Cofounders

A customer-focused company

Here's a little glimpse of what Flywheel is all about!


Core value #1

We are excellent to each other

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Flywheel value #1: We are excellent to eachother

Core value #2

We are data-informed, not data-driven

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Flywheel value #2: We are data-informed, not data-driven

Core value #3

We embrace weirdness

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Flywheel value #3: We embrace weirdness

Core value #4

We are productive community members

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Flywheel value #4: We are productive community members

Core value #5

We believe design matters

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Flywheel value #5: We believe design matters

Core value #6

We are hungry

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Flywheel value #6: We are hungry

Core value #7

We are a work in progress

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Flywheel value #7: We are a work in progress

Flywheel: a history

Browse all the milestones and memories that have brought us to today!

  • Rick was struggling with servers
  • Dusty was unhappy with hosting
  • Tony was debugging lines of code
  • The idea of Flywheel was born!
  • WordPress powered 72 million sites
  • We created the first version of Flywheel
  • We raised an Angel round of funding
  • We hired our very first intern
  • Flywheel launched into beta
  • We also bought a betta fish
  • Tony was still debugging lots of code
  • Flywheel launched to the public!
  • Sticky notes determined project status
  • We were a small team of five
  • We sent hand-written invites to our platform
  • We bought a beer fridge
  • We raised a $1.2 million seed round
  • We moved into our very own downtown office
  • We launched our design blog, Layout
  • We hired our first full-time employees
  • We held our very first all-company retreat in Las Vegas
  • We donated to 34 local charities
  • Tony got a tattoo of the Flywheel logo
  • We won Best Culture at the Silicon Prairie News Awards
  • Our team grew to 25 employees
  • We hosted a grilled cheese party, because why not?!
  • Beyonce was mentioned in two different support tickets
  • We made six custom stickers, including a hot dog
  • We launched our 28 Days of Design giveaway
  • We drank approximately 3,744 cans of Diet Mountain Dew
Year in review
  • We hired our first two remote employees
  • We designed this shirt
  • We acquired Pressmatic and rebranded as Local by Flywheel
  • We raised a $4 million Series A round of funding
  • We hit 50 employees!
  • We moved into our new three-story office space
  • The Flywheel brand got a shiny new makeover
  • We solved over 100,000 support tickets
  • Built Beer Cheer at a Flywheel hackday
  • The great “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” debate began
Year in review
  • We held our very own award night, the Flywheelies
  • We hung photos of Flywheel dogs around the office
  • Tony won Technologist of the Year at the Silicon Prairie News Awards
  • We added canned wine to our beer fridge
  • We launched a 14 day email course about Design Trends
  • We created a cozy maternity room for Flywheel moms
  • Hit 100 employees!
  • Launched Flywheel Blue
  • 5 customers proposed to Flywheel
  • Celebrated our 5th year anniversary
  • We created the Flywheel Cloud Platform
  • We drank 22,652 cans of La Croix
  • We got a second office 781 feet away from our first office
  • We secured a spot on the Inc. 500 list
  • We hit 150 employees!
  • We held Fly Fest, our first ever conference-style retreat
  • We broke ground on a new HQ
  • We installed a t-shirt wall
  • Local by Flywheel reached 150,000 downloads
  • We launched a 24/7/365 support experience
  • We joined the WP Engine family
  • We solved 96,304 tickets for our customers
  • 17 Flywheelers made up DFIUFEE the band
  • We hit 200 employees!
  • We redesigned Layout
  • We made the Inc 5000 (again!)
  • We launched Local Pro
  • We hired or promoted 13 managers internally!
  • We launched Local for Teams
  • We went corporate for Perspective Day

Where are we located?

Flywheelers are all over the map!

  • Portland, OR
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Denver, CO
  • Omaha, NE
  • Sunset Beach, NC
  • Scotland, UK
  • Camberley, UK
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Ahmedabad, India
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia

Omaha, NE headquarters

Despite having remote hires all over the world, Flywheel is super proud of its origins (and headquarters) in the middle of America, smack dab in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The biggest bulk of our team works here, in a beautiful old brick building (formerly a print shop, and a thrift store, among other things!) right in the heart of the city.

International presence

Outside of Omaha, we have a lovely remote team that tackles their work anywhere from the West Coast to Sydney, Australia!

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Life at Flywheel

Life at Flywheel

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Life at Flywheel
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